Your home is a place that not only provides shelter to you and your loved ones but also directly reflects your style. We keep the things we value in and around our homes and want them to look the way we want the rest of the neighborhood to perceive us. To protect your home and keep it looking great, you might consider a reliable fence to keep your family safe and speak to the value you place on yourself as part of the neighborhood. A high-quality privacy fence is a simple way to accomplish both of those goals.

1. Curb Appeal 

Depending on what your home looks likes, the front of it either makes a great first impression or a bad one—classically known as “curb appeal.” A well-built, attractive privacy fence can add significantly to your home value when selling and get you a return on investment—sometimes up to 65% of the total fence cost! Even better, wooden privacy fences can be painted and stained to fit any style of home, making your home’s fence as unique as you are. 


2. Safety 

Without a secure privacy fence, your yard is open to the elements, animals, and even other people. You can keep your yard healthy and protected from storms and wind by installing a strong privacy fence. It also keeps out unwanted animals and pests that could tear up your grass or even be unsafe for children. Fences also greatly reduce the likelihood of a thief picking your home as a target over an unfenced yard. 


3. Maintenance 

Your privacy fence doesn’t need a lot of attention or repairs to keep your yard closed off. Painting or staining your fence keeps moisture and rain from rotting the wood and you can count on lasting protection by only putting minimal work in. (Two to three years is the recommended timeframe to apply a new coat of paint or stain.) Your fence can keep working hard, leaving you with only minor repairs or maintenance. 



If you don’t have a privacy fence, or you need a new one, summer is the perfect time to look into getting one. Lumber dries out faster during this season, so paint and stain can be applied sooner and your fence will be prepared in time to protect you against the constant moisture and wind of fall. 


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