With so many fencing options and customizations available, it can be hard to know what type of fence is best for your home. We have several fencing options that provide the look and security of a great fence but still remain affordable. 


One of the most popular choices of fencing we install is round rail. Your home can greatly benefit from installing round rail fencing: 


1. Durability And Lower Maintenance

Our round rail fences are made with treated douglas fir. They are durable and resistant to weather. Much like a privacy fence, every year or two, your round rail fence can be sealed for lasting protection so you can worry less about the integrity of your fence when inclement weather comes. 


2. Round Rail Fences Are Customizable

When selecting round rail fencing styles, there are customizable parts to your fence like rail count and color of chain link. We offer a black chain link option that keeps smaller pets and children safe while still providing a sleek look to the overall appearance of the fence. 


3. Demarcates Your Yard While Maintaining The View

One of the unique benefits of a round rail fence is that it removes vertical pickets, creating a clear boundary while also maintaining a great view. The chain link provides safety to your yard and keeps debris outside the fenceline.  Demarcating your property is important for both identifying your property markers and keeping clean lines. Your yard can look and feel spacious while still maintaining a strong fence. 


If you want your yard to keep an open look while having the protection and security of a quality fence, then a round rail fence may be the best option for your home. 


If you want to learn about our fencing options and how a round rail fence can work for your yard, please feel free to contact us at 918-697-6977 or take a moment to fill out the form below.