Most homeowners have their home and fencing projects completed during the spring or summer months. Others plan to wait through the busy season and make improvements during the fall or winter. Maybe this is you? Perhaps you just realized that your fence won’t last the winter weather. Good news! It’s not too late. Cold weather builds are great for fencing, and there are several benefits in doing so:


1. Quicker Build Times

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for a contractor, and sometimes the schedule can be packed full. In the less busy season of fall or winter, your fence can be started much more quickly due to the less tight schedule. Barring any extreme weather, your fence will receive more constant attention from the fencing contractor.


2. Easier On Your Yard

In the winter your trees and landscaping are dormant and will be less affected by equipment or construction. With less vegetation during these months, you can have a better plan for how the fence will be laid around your yard. Additionally, when the spring weather returns, you will have a new fence that compliments a manicured lawn.


3. Better Planning For Your Materials

Building in the winter gives you more time to save money and plan for the right materials you need. You can spend the late summer and fall making sure the materials you decide on are the right fit for your yard. This strategy will be beneficial for all of the “Do-It-Yourself” lovers out there. When ordering fencing supplies, be sure to check out our showroom located in Claremore, Oklahoma for all of your fencing needs.


4. Keep Your Yard Safe

In late December or January, there is a possibility of snow and ice in Oklahoma. Having your fence built before then, even in the cold weather, will greatly improve the safety of your yard. This lessens snowdrift into your yard, as the wind doesn’t cut through as easily. Knowing this may help you worry less about kids or pets being in the yard.


5. Enjoy Your Yard In Spring

When everyone else is preparing their yards to be cleaned or prepped for projects, you can relax with your newly installed fence! Your family will enjoy the safety, privacy and appearance of your fence, and as a bonus, your yard will be the best-looking property coming out of winter!


In summary, The fall and winter are a perfect time for you to get a new fence! Save yourself from worrying and start your project today with Claremore Fence Company. 

We know how to treat our customers, and we know how to treat & install fences year-round.

To start planning your project now, please contact us at 918-697-6977 or take a moment to fill out the form below.


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